Welcome to Inkanyezi Renaissance Group

About IRG

IRG is an information and communications technology and business management services company, based in South Africa. We provide services to private and public sector organisations, and we are also an innovation-driven enterprise that aims to bring new high impact technology solutions to the global market.

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Our Services


Harnessing the digital revolution for business model innovation to achieve superior outcomes. Re-imagining and redesigning organisational activities for and with digital technologies.

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IT Networks

Designing, implementing and managing IT networks for a connected enterprise. Integrated local and wide area networks, enabling work and collaboration anywhere.

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Protecting critical technology networks, applications, and data against the ever present and evolving threat in the digitally connected and information driven world.
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ICT for Education

Providing digital platforms and connectivity to transform and enhance teaching and learning experience.

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Broadband Internet Connectivity

Internet service provision powers up most business operations today, and even more so tomorrow. We provide broadband internet connectivity through our licensed subsidiary, TEMETEL.

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